I'm Kim, a brand and user interface designer based in NYC. Currently working at Fictive Kin and leading visuals for Seoul Tribe.

Prior to Fictive Kin, I worked at an agency in Dallas, TX for brands such as Toyota, Woodard, and Tongal.

I hold a degree in visual communication design from the University of Texas at Arlington where I studied abroad at Yonsei University for exactly 47 days. There was also this 14-day Summer design stint in Tokyo that I still like to bring up to people at parties.

Outside of work, I enjoy bouldering (maxed out at V2 [ I'm not very good]), collecting LPs, learning bass (also not very good), listening to music (very good at this), and cooking (ok). 

How to Work With Me

Send me an email at kiminthirath(at)gmail.com. Please include in your introductory email your brief (design needs), timeline,  and the budget you are working with. Replies are given within a day during business days. The latest you will hear from me will be the following business afternoon.

Business Hours: Monday through Friday, 10 am - 6 pm est

Please note that I am only accepting short term projects at the moment.

All work copyright Kim Inthirath