October 31, 2019


On this episode of 'Cool furniture I want to buy but I need more money or a different career' is the Fju desk from kaschkasch.

LOVE to see that multifunctionality 💦✨

October 18, 2019


Ok so, I really like Berhana's music. Every sound he makes is like a gentle strumming of my heart strings.

Recommend listening from top to bottom ✨

August 9, 2019


Imagine a shoe rack but one that makes you feel bad for putting your dirty af1s on them. Anything Mitz makes will one day fill my smol NYC apt bedroom.

August 6, 2019

Love Injection

I first learned of Love Injection at The Mixtape Shop last year.

"A New York music and culture fanzine since 2015" —taken from their ig bio

I took one of those zines, which on the cover says they're free in NYC, but now I'm not so sure it was. Loved it (still love it) and wanted to rep it. Shirts were sold out and they just restocked and this is me letting u know that.

July 24, 2019

Hoop Dreams

Came across this stool and thought it was the most genius thing. Designed by TIEL.

"Having observed people’s subconscious tendency of sitting on balls while resting after the game, the steel-frame was designed to playfully exaggerate this action of taking for granted. When the ball is placed on top, the structure becomes a playful, yet ergonomic stool."

July 9, 2019

Starting to sketch again ✨

May 24, 2019

Some Joy 4 U

One random weekend my friend, Emerline, and I sat down and were like "let's make something." So we made a thing. We didn't really get to what that thing was but we gave our lil bebe a name. Joy128 ✨. There's not much to it but there are 168 hours in a week, 40 hours set aside for work and 128 hours left to do everything else. Makes sense to find some joy in that time*, yeah?

Joy128 also has a nice special ring to it. Clearly inspired by 3-digit naming systems like 823 always and forever and 143 i love you, Joy128 felt wholesome. V nice.

Eventually Joy128 rounded itself to become what it is today.

A creative family of likeminded AZN women. We host intimate gatherings filled with food, conversation, and intentional connection. We gather to help cultivate self awareness and empower each other to pursue the things that brings us joy.

Sounds super fancy but nah. It basically boils down to a little alcohol, some good food and great women.

BONUS! I put a little love in this playlist every week. Filled with AZN women ✨🍊


*Joy can also be found in work lol

All work copyright Kim Inthirath