Kim Inthirath

Branding & Product Designer based in Los Angeles, CA

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↳ Palantir, 2021

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User Experience
Design System
Interaction Design

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Bedrich Aquino, Bri Camp, Cameron Koczon, Dave DeSandro, Jake Fentress, Joey Erskine, Josh Smith, Rin Park, Sarah Park, Soundarya Soundararajan, Vita Newstetter

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Palantir is an engineering company building category-defining technology for human-driven analysis of real-world data.
            In the public sector, Palantir is critical to The United States Intelligence Community, the COVID response, anti-human trafficking, and more. Globally, they support the Government of the UK, France, Australia and Denmark, to name a few. In the private sector, their technology powers the likes of IBM, Amazon and 3M.
            In 2021, Palantir had two goals for their website: To drive new business and to accelerate their pilot programs. Our team was brought in to help identify the potential blockers and develop a strategy and design system that would support Palantir’s goals.
            In developing the site system, our team faced a few challenges:

Defining Palantir-shaped problems
Shaping a narrative that allows users to identify themselves with the solutions Palantir provides.

Translate Palantir’s brand into a design system
Designing a system from the existing Palantir brand and identifying potential opportunities to expand.

Building for growth and flexibility
Designing a flexible system that could scale with Palantir’s ever-evolving nature.

↳ Defining Palantir-shaped problemsPalantir means many things to many people. This presented our team with the interesting challenge of shaping the narrative of who Palantir is to an audience of folks who were either very familiar with Palantir or folks yet to benefit from Palantir’s platforms. We chose to define the unique problems potential customers faced and focus on the solutions that could address these problems.
            As we developed different modules for Palantir, I contributed to strategizing and designing the content modules with specific business behaviors in mind. One example of a business behavior is enabling Palantir to identify different use cases for their platform solutions and directing users towards their respective journeys. 

↳ Translate Palantir’s brand into a design systemWe worked from an existing brand system that provided comprehensive requirements around typography, color, and other brand elements across print and digital. 
            Our team translated these details into a design system that aligned with the brand and maintains brand consistency through all web touch-points. Opportunities to expand the brand were also explored through micro-animations seen in different user interactions.
            One of my responsibilities included creating a collection of flexible modules that could act as a room with many doors. To maximize the utility of these modules, any Palantir team can use these modules to communicate without any barriers while maintaining brand consistency.

↳ Building for growth and flexibilityWe designed a site system that allowed the website to be an essential tool for the team at Palantir. The modularity of the design system empowers any individual within any team to contribute to the site while maintaining brand consistency over time.