Kim Inthirath

Branding & Product Designer based in Los Angeles, CA

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I’m a branding & product designer specializing in visual systems. I work with graphic design, interactive, sculptural, and digital mediums, exploring different ways to develop design systems and ideas that drive progress on a micro and macro scale. I currently design at Fictive Kin, by way of Los Angeles. 
            In my career, I’ve had the fortune and privilege to collaborate with many designers and mentors in environments that have evolved my perspective. These experiences inform and influence how I approach my work and serve as a reminder to keep an open mind and to continue learning.
            My design experience covers the span of 7 years with a focus on branding and user interface design. In my career, I am most interested in developing robust and detailed design frameworks. I enjoy exploring elements of interactive delight in utilitarian systems.
             To date, I’ve contributed to developing expansive web systems for clients including but not limited to Opendoor, Palantir, and Galaxy. 

On the side, I pursue tactile work for Koopiebb.

↳ Work Experience2022 - Present
Senior Designer
Fictive Kin, Los Angeles (Remote)

            As a senior designer at Fictive Kin, I am responsible for leading projects from start to finish. I produce ideas and collaborate with the development team on design projects in conjuction with internal and external stakeholders. I manage client relationships and expectations and on occassion act as a liaison between the client and the development team when necessary. Projects I’ve help led include Galaxy and Minerva.  Other projects I contributed to include Opendoor, Eyda, and OnCyber.

2020 - 2022
Fictive Kin, Brooklyn NY

             As a designer at Fictive Kin, I was responsible for producing ideas, collaborating with internal and external stakeholders on design projects, supporting the team, and managing client relationships. Projects I contributed to include Palantir, Galaxy, SSENSE, and Stellar.

2018 - 2020
Associate Designer
Fictive Kin, Brooklyn NY

            I moved to New York from Texas to join the design team at Fictive Kin. As an associate designer, I was responsible for supporting the team and producing design assets and collaborating with internal and external stakeholders on design projects. I actively contributed to projects including but not limited to WeWork, Trip Advisor,, Keller Williams and Supergreat.

2016 - 2018
Junior Designer
Brand Hatchery, Dallas TX

Design Intern
Brand Hatchery, Dallas TX

↳ Education2015
Bachelor of Fine Arts
University of Texas at Arlington, Arlington TX

↳ Outside of Work HoursI develop nail art and create mixed media collages. I like to rock climb, cycle and sometimes run (heavy on sometimes!). I have an orange tabby cat named Bill.