Kim Inthirath

Branding & Product Designer based in Los Angeles, CA

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Dirt, 2022

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User Experience, Design System

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I was responsible for developing ideas and concepts around interactions rooted in the dirt brand, as well as designing the modules used in the site system. I explored different ways to educate and encourage users to participate in Web3 technologies by weaving it into Dirt’s editorial storytelling experience.

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Dirt is a daily-ish newsletter covering the latest insights in digital pop culture and entertainment.
            Dirt approached our team to take their popular newsletter covering digital pop culture and entertainment, and create the Dirtyverse: an NFT-enabled editorial world covering books, streaming, fashion, blockchain, music, and the internet.
            Dirt has first-mover advantage in the Web3-enabled editorial space, but our research showed adoption of Web3 technologies could be a potential barrier for subscribers.
            In building out a new way to consume content, we needed to educate our audiences on how to participate — there was no room for the user experience to be an additional obstacle. A premium reading journey would be the key to success for this product to become a repeatable model for future publications in the Dirt ecosystem.

We focused on making sure that the way readers find, subscribe to, and consume content feels simple, gratifying, and intuitive.        

While predominantly covering non-crypto content, Dirt’s new media platform allows its readers access to different types of content through our custom-built NFT gating tools. Readers can connect their wallets (whether Metamask, Coinbase, or many others), choose their membership level, get access to limited edition content and artwork, and cement their status as a contributing member of the Dirt family.